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What to Expect on our Ghost Hunting Events

This is were we check all of our guests in for the evening and make sure everyone is welcomed and shown where the basic facilities are. You will also be notified what team you are in for the evening too.

Start of Event:
We start off with a welcome talk and an introduction to health and Safety, Fire regulations and any rules that may apply to the venue. You will be introduced to the Omen Team and who your Team Leaders will be for the Evening. Our mediums will then do an introductory talk on what to expect on the evening and what to look for, they will also perform a protection process and will help bring everyones energies together.

Team Event:
Depending on the size of venue and the amount of people taking part in the event, we usually split everyone into 2 – 3 Ghost Hunting Teams. Each Team will be supervised by Omen Paranormal Investigators who will guide your Team throughout the night to make sure your evening goes as smoothly as possible. Each Ghost Hunting Team will also spend time during the evening with one of the Omen Team Mediums. We also make sure that we keep you together with friends that you come with on the night so that you are not alone during the event. Most of the evening is spent purely Ghost Hunting using the latest Ghost Hunting Equipment but during the evening we will also be giving small groups of people the chance to take part in extras that the Omen Team Mediums will be offering, as seen below.

Table Tipping
Mass Séance
Team Séance
Ouija Board Sessions
Human Pendulum

Optional Extras:
(Run and controlled by Omen Team Mediums, only one or two of these demonstrations will be run on the evening)
Recreation of a Victorian Séance
Demonstration of Transfiguration
Demonstration of Channelling
A chance to sit in a physical circle

Special Extra:
Your chance to sit in a physical circle with our Omen Team Medium and interact with a spirit guide ( this is not for the faint hearted) This demonstration requires a very hands on approach under extreme control and strict conditions, unfortunately only a select few will be able to participate during the evening. Our Omen Team Medium has been specially trained and has over 20 years experience in Physical Mediumship