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Terms and Conditions for Website

1. Any person participating in an Omen Paranormal Event must be over 18 years of age, proof of age may be required when accessing the event should you appear to be under the age of 18. Anyone unable to prove their age may be refused entry at which no refunded will be granted.

2. All tickets must be paid prior to the date of event the tickets are being purchased for, pre booking when applicable is not a guarantee. Failure to pay for pre booked tickets may result in your pre booked tickets being re allocated to another person

3. Any persons deemed to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other form of substance will not be permitted to enter or remain at the site of the event and will be asked to leave the site immediately. No refund will be given in these circumstances

4. No smoking is allowed within the site, a smoking area outside the site maybe arranged at the discretion of the site owners and Omen Paranormal Events

5. All person(s) participating in an event will act in a sensible manner throughout the event and will not cause harm or upset to other attendees of the event including Omen Paranormal Event Staff, any behaviour deemed inappropriate and/or dangerous will not be tolerated and will be removed and maybe subject to a notification to the police and prosecution proceedings made. No refunded will be given in this instance.

6. Omen Paranormal Events  reserves the right of entry to any person (s) at all times during an event

7. Omen Paranormal Events will not be held liable for any loss and/or damage to any equipment or belongings  of any person (s) attending an event and after an event

8. Any property left unattended within the site of an event and its surrounding areas will be left at the owners risk

9. Omen Paranormal Events shall not be liable for any act of god or any circumstance out of the control of Omen Paranormal Events that may result in a cancellation or postponement of an event, should an occasion like this occur full refund will be given or an alternative date where applicable will be arranged resulting in limitations of refunds. Omen Paranormal Events will not be liable for any expenses e.g. travel expenses occurred due to the cancelation

10. Omen Paranormal Events are for entertainment purposes only – Omen Paranormal Events will not be liable for any emotional or physical upset brought on as a result of participation of an event.

11. No food and drink will be provided unless specifically outlined on the event promotion material

12. Participants are welcome to bring soft drinks that are non-alcoholic to an event

13. All events by Omen Paranormal Events will be filmed and/or photographed for use in promotional materials, all participants accept and allow for themselves to be filmed/photographed for such use. If participants do not wish to be included they must notify Omen Paranormal Events in writing prior to event

14. Participants authorise Omen Paranormal Events the right to use, publish, copy, print, copyright and electronically transfer all photographs, videos and audio clips taken during and after an event , activity or demonstration

15. All tickets are non-refundable and only valid for the date shown on the ticket

16. Tickets purchased are non-transferable, and cannot be resold. Proof of ID may be requested along with your receipt of booking to confirm your identify

17. Participants agree to follow health and safety advice and site rules given to them by either Omen Paranormal Events or Site representatives. Omen Paranormal Events will not be liable to injury due to not complying to the rules given

18. All participants shall indemnify Omen Paranormal Events against all costs, claims, proceedings or any other costing’s what so ever that have arisen from the neglected act of themselves

19. Omen Paranormal Events reserves the right to re-locate or postpone an event due to poor weather conditions without notice

20. Omen Paranormal Events does not operate a refund policy , refunds will only be granted when cancellation of event is due to an act of god or a circumstance out of the control of Omen Paranormal Events

21. Omen Paranormal Events only uses reputable mediums, any opinions or statements expressed are solely those of the individual and do not represent the feelings and/or actions of Omen Paranormal Events

22. Unless specifically outlined on promotional material no sleeping accommodation will be provided

23. If making a group booking Omen Paranormal Events asks that all members of the booking agree to participating in an event prior to booking as no refunded will be given should a member of your booking not wish to participate

24. Anyone wishing to attend an event who has a medical condition ( such as blood pressure issues) should seek advice from their health professional before attending an event. Omen Paranormal Events will not liable for any health issues arisen from an event

25. Due to health and safety reasons anyone who is or thinks they may be pregnant should not  participate in an event by Omen Paranormal Events

26. Omen Paranormal Events has the right to impose any of these terms and conditions or modify these terms and conditions as is necessary

27. Omen Paranormal Events has the final say to any matters referred to in this terms and conditions