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Paranormal Science & Research Department

The department is made up of national and international paranormal researchers whom have come together with a common goal and have collectively formed the first O.P.E's Paranormal Science and Research advisory board.

Mission Statement

The mission statement is to Observe, Record, Analyse. It aims to answer one specific question not your usual

• Is there life after death?

• Does a haunted venue exist?

• Is there paranormal activity?

So what is our question?

How Can We Capture Paranormal Activity?

Ghost hunting or paranormal investigating as it is often known started around the 19th century if you were to check on the internet you will find 1000's of videos and images claiming to be the 'one' but has been debunked in one form or another for being faked, easy to replicate and even a natural event.

So why has O.P.E's Paranormal Science & Research department chosen this question?

There is an endless list of paranormal groups, companies, parapsychologists and expert paranormal investigators who all claim to have the "ghost hunting equipment" to find paranormal activity so rather than compete to find evidence O.P.E have begun to form its first Advisory board, collaborating and coordinating the skills and resources to get the answer. There is no point conducting a research method that has already been done and proven to be ineffective, but how do you know whats been done before? By teaming up and talking with those who have done it!

How Will This Be Achieved?

The department wont be relying on one or two techniques but exploring a range of old fashioned and not fully explored methods to using new and upcoming equipment at our disposal. What we will be doing is conducting hypothesis, interviews, and using historical research, live feeds will be activated during scientific investigations where applicable which will allow for real time data analysing. Checking equipment, site visits, reviewing hsitorical data will also be on our agenda.

Panel of Advisors

Barry Fitzgerald - Over 30 years experience within the world of the supernatural, headed a team on the American NBC owned SyFy network which saw him appear on all 56 episodes of Ghost Hunters International. Paranormal TV Personality of the Year 2016. Now a writer and publishing books based on myths, and exploring the field of photography within the supernatural world.

Stephen Mera BSc - Honorary Advisor and Partner Of Zohar Entertainment Group, Director of Phenomena Magazine, Founder Of The Scientific EAstablishment Of Parapsychology (est 1996), Member of Office Of Parapsychological studies and International Tv and Radio Host.

Neil Munnerley  - Psychic Medium with over 45 years experience within the field of paranormal, spent time with the Blackfoot Indians in Canada and gaining an insight into Buddhist meditation techniques which he still uses to aid him even to this day. Has performed exorcisms which can only be done by a trained medium.

Our international group advisors:

Shadow Chasers 'Kentucky'  - A paranormal research group based in Kentucky

Pheonix Arizona Paranormal Society - A paranormal research group based in Arizona

TNT Paranormal Investigatiors LLC - International Paranormal Research Group