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Our team:

Neil Munnerley - Founder, Team Medium.

Neil is the founder of Omen Paranormal Events and with over 40 years experience in the field of mediumship has decided to bring his knowledge to the forefront of the paranormal industry.

Having experience managing other paranormal groups and investigations, he understands the importance of providing an authentic, enjoyable experience for members of the public.

Steve Nuttall - The Technical Specialist.

Steve is responsible for all our technical equipment, he analyses and creates solutions to our network software, ensuring the hub is fully operational.

He also provides technical advice when sourcing new equipment, testing out the gadgets before we use them in official investigations.

His experience in this field spans over 10 years working primarily in IT software and support.

Stephen King - Photography & Film Specialist

Stephen's role within Omen is to use his cameras to produce pictures that record and preserve the paranormal through still images. He also provides advice and support when filming investigations and short adverts.

His experience in this field has seen him work in large scale events and with VIP's  

Leanne Nuttall - Events Manager

Leanne is responsible for the day to day running of Omen. Working behind the scenes she deals with the administration duties, marketing and liaising with venues throughout the UK.Her experience of over 5 years in event management has seen her organise everything from weddings, concerts to exhibitions.

Within Omen other team members include our primary first aider Netty, along with various investigators Chrissy, Jo and Adam , Health and safety officers, team leaders, technical supporters and historians